Tuesday, February 5, 2008

sifting to sell personal

Before my work was mainly making and designing products for stores and hat companies.
I 've been changing directions for my vision of working sometimes- they always arrow to fit for where I was/am living at and dependent on previous/current my life style.

Now I'm slightly sifting to provide my items to people by myself(making and selling my items by myself).
It make me satisfy my artistic side, because I can show some parts of my little world to the people through making products.
I read some issues on etsy and they called "crafting business" for these business with crafting . It is perfect words I think.That sound making business with staying personal through the crafts.

I couldn't find what should I call for my work - I am a designer and one of an artisan, maker and probably more words can fit..
So the "crafting business" make sense to me.


Laura Bucci said...

Hi Tomoko,

interesting, sounds like you have quite a bit of experience designing hats. I wonder if you did that in Japan?

tomokotahara said...

Thank you for the comment Laura,
yes I did it in Japan.
Japanese companies interested in to make project with indie artists or freelance designers sometimes.
"hand made touch" are kind of popular for apparel company or Department stores in recent few years.