Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nuba restaurant in Kits - Grand opening party

There was a grand opening party at Nuba in Kits(Broadway).
The restaurant has bunch of locations in Vancouver and each one has different atmospheres.
This location is very new.

I like the skylights in the day time.
People can enjoy the natural light from the window.
It is really beautiful store.

The party started in the evening, there's live bands, cool music and a lot of people, cocktails and delicious foods.

The lights created dreamy shadows.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seattle a day trip 2

It was a bad weather in the morning. 
Despite the rain, I stayed outside.
I was inspired by beautiful architectures in the city,
they're retro-futuristic.
I couldn't take many photos because of rain, 
next time when I visit there, I will definitely take a lot of photos. 

I was thinking to visit art galleries, unfortunately, 
it was on Monday then all galleries are closed.
I heard about the bus in downtown area is free,
then I tried to take metro bus.
The station was really cool look, like a Sci-Fi film set.

I wanted to check out a town called Ballard,  
and it was little away from the downtown, about 30 min by bus. 
When I saw the map, I felt like a bit far to go there, but it worth for taking time.
It's my favorite area now.

Nice brick buildings.

I was walking around, seemed like a lot of stores are closed on Mondays,
the town was quiet.
I saw many cool cafes and stores there, must be busy on weekends.

My favourite store, called Black Bird.
I found their clothing store at first,
and the staff introduced me their perfume store.
The stores are both awesome, specially the perfume store has an excellent selection.
I bought one, CB from NY, smoky tobacco.
It is sweet-smoky smell at first, 
the last note is amber(I guess...sorry if I was wrong!).

After satisfied with smelling and looking at beautiful perfumes,
I had a strawberry soda at miro tea.

That's all story of my one night trip to Seattle.
Want to check it out the Ballard area more! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Seattle a day trip1

I was in Seattle for a day trip.
I decided this trip a week ago - I was bored with staying in one town and wanted to do something different.
I thought there might be similar to Vancouver, but it wasn't correct - the city was much bigger than I expected.

So..I arrived there in the evening and went a fancy bistro for my dinner.
It was a chef of a deli called "Delicatus" near my hotel's recommendation, (I tried to go there but they're almost closed and I asked their recommendation.They're so nice and foods looked great, I want to try the deli next time. )
The bistro is located on pike street, is on the alley way near the ocean.Cool atmosphere.

After the dinner,I felt like drink a glass of beer and went a pub.
The pub called"pioneer square saloon" I was interested in the sound of "saloon" and tried to get in.

I liked about the people in the pub-young to old, they 're all enjoying their time.
I talked with the owner couple, they keeps the store 18 years.
The meaning of "saloon" is like "pub" , in 1940s, blue colored people get together and drink at there.
Anyways, I talked with them until closing.
A night in Seattle.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thrift hunt

I got a pair of cole haan deck shoes.

..and changed the shoe laces, burnt their edge, looks cuter!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Beach fossils show

Beach was a wonderful show at Electric owl!

This is a single from Heavenly Beat of Beach fossils John Pena.
this is "side B" - I like this song.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Indian Sunday

After a yoga class, I was passing by an Indian temple and I heard some music from there.
I was curious to see inside, and went in... meditated with their song.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Da Vinci show @ science world

When I feel that I need to be energized, I always go to see arts or beautiful things, or eat something special like yesterday.

Today I went Leonard Da Vinci show at science world.
The show was incredible, was focusing in his scientist - architect- designer sides.
I was really impressed by his creativity and his perfection.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


The town turned into sweet pink colour by cherry trees- around my home,there're some paths with cherry trees.
Every time when I pass there, even I was exhausted, I could forget about it and enjoy to walk through the pink coloured path.

Another sweetness, today I really wanted to have a piece of eclair and came to a cafe has really good pastries.
I deserved myself with the eclair and coffee misto.