Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snowy day

It was snow in Vancouver today.
I just rolled up my favourite blanket a few days ago, but I opened it again.

My balcony plants were covered up by snow.

If will be sunny tomorrow, I'll take snow photos, if it will be rain or snow, maybe I'll read a book.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hearty meal

Vancouver's winter is almost rain everyday, but recently the weather is getting better and better.

If the daytime was sunny and warm,
 I like to go out without my coat.

I made a bottle of souerkraut with 3 pounds of leftover cabbage.
Spring temperature is nice to make fermentation products, so I tried it and succeeded.

The other day, I made "Choucroute Royale(Braised souerkraut, from Julia child's recipe)" with roasted pork.
It tastes good as the exact recipe, but since my souerkraut tastes mild, I added apples and maple syrup, balsamic vinegar to increase the taste. It was a hearty meal.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gold tree

These days, Vancouver is not too cold, I rolled up my blanket. 

Coffee and walking.. 

The trees were reflecting the sun, they looked like gold colour.

We don't forget to say hi to neighbour cats.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Long walking

After I finished my work, I took a long walk.
It was about 1.5 hours,around 2km for a round.

I was thinking to go to a bakery which has really good breads. It is a bit far from my place, over a hill, I can't go there often.

Then in the middle of a walk to the bakery, I found a tiny cafe on a street.
I heard it opened on November last year, it is cosy and nice place.

The outpost cafe

I had a cup of coffee at the cafe and walked to the bakery.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My private project

As I wrote last time, I'm trying to stay away from my computer whole day once a week, or as well as I can.

So..I'm thinking about to start writing letters for my friends constantly, instead of e-mails.
Usually I use e-mails not only for works, for contacting my friends also, they are handy and quick, easy to have contacts.
Letters take time for writing and arriving, they need stamps, but are more exciting to receive.

Here I'll introduce cute stationary sets.

By delphineSTUDIO

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Through away your book" changed..

Once a week, I'm trying to do not look at my computer whole day, the day I call "Forget about the Internet, go out into the streets"day.
I often stack in front of computer, internet is interesting and handy, an irresistible world, but am trying to leave from it as well as I can. It is difficult to me, even only once a week.

The day's title(?) is inspired by a book called "Through away your books, rally on the streets" by Shuji Terayama.
The book was written in 60's, about his thought for young men's lifestyle.
I guess it is in the other words, " Learn about things not only from reading your books, also you should see different world, find out your own way"
He made a movie with same title in 70's, it is slightly different from the book, is artistic, thought of punkish film.

Anyways, today was supposed to be "no online day", but I woke up late and outside is rain as Vancouver's winter weather, still am stacking on the computer..

#The images from the movie