Saturday, May 24, 2008

The blueberry hats

I got an order for making blueberry hats from twin sisters.
They are from blueberry farm in States, the hats are for their own birthday gift.
I made two of same design.

It was fun to make - I put a lot of detail on the hats, dangles, leaves, berries..
I sent out them last week and they loved the hats.
Thank you very much for blueberry twins, this is little a head but happy birthday!

Friday, May 23, 2008


It is famous for the name of "The King Of Fruits" (somebody said too stinky) , I love this smelly fruits.
In the first time I tried, I felt it smells like a gas, but once eat the fruits, I forgot about the smell because of the texture and sweetness are so good like an ice cream.
I found frozen one the other day.
I eat them a lot, my boy friend tried some and said he liked the taste and texture, but the smell is like gasoline!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Finally I found a book, Diva.
The story was taken by a 70's movie called "Diva".
We are big fun of the movie and my boyfriend heard about the book several month ago.
But it is hard to find - the story is finished by 4 books, one of a book called "Diva".
I found three of them at a interesting second hand book store, Pulpfiction.
As soon as I asked to the staff at the store about the book of diva, he brought me them!It took so long time to find - I was surprised they have three of them!
I bought the three books for my boyfriend's birthday.
Actually his birthday was April..but I couldn't find the books until his birthday.
Still we need one more book, called "ALBA"

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Great salon

I got a hair cut today.
I've been interested in to cut my hair since last year but I couldn't decide to go, I was cutting my hair just by myself.

The store is interesting, reception is not in front of the entrance, I was little surprised at about it in a good way.
I loved their wallpaper and interiors - they are modern, got their style.

The hair dresser has very cute character, and her work is very modish.
I didn't talk much but it was nice time - wish I could speak English better..
So I won't cut my hair by myself next time..I will stack to go there.

highly recommend hair salon

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I found a niesh artist.
According to an article on etsy, he is from Russia.
His blog and photos ;

Monday, May 5, 2008

Finished the show

We just finished two-days Balinese music and dance shows in the weekend.
It was really fun.
I enjoyed the show even my condition wasn't very good from some reason.
I was dancing with fan, I dropped the fan by accident..!
I dropped it and grab it again, it was just three second, but I felt it was very long moment.
also I felt regret and sorry for everyone in the show after hours..
Well - now it became good memory of my dance experience.
Shows are fun, it is a dreamy moment like I can be a part of folk tale in Bali.
I should have more training for the next show.

*Thank you for shearing the photos,
Sudi& Kadek