Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Poison d' Avril"

I read an old Japanese book my mother has it, written by Yoshiko Ishii.
The author is a chanson singer, she 'd debut in Paris in 50s and was living in there while.
The book is about foods related with her lifestyle, mainly 50-60s in Paris.
It is very interesting essay because you can know Japanese eyes of views of Paris in 50-60s, also
might feel like time trip and traveling both at once with this book.
Anyways I knew a tradition in France called "Poison d' Avril" from the book, and was curious about it.
I researched and I got some inspiration by this article;

Poison d’Avril takes place on April 1st. Children make fish of paper and pin as many as possible to the backs of adults, then run away and saying "Poison d’Avril!!", which is a little like saying "April Fools"

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