Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vancouver Autumn

It is already in the middle of September, hot days are almost gone, time to say good bye to dry weather ..Vancouver autumn is beginning of rainy season.
Autumn/Winter are not favourite season for most of Vancouver people -  but actually autumn and winter is my favourite ones, I love colder temperature since I was in Japan.
It because of clothing. I love to make layers, love wool sweaters and coats, of course most important accessories, hats!
Now I'm preparing for showing new autumn/winter items to public, they will show up soon.

This is my new item, ready to wear version of snow cap,  a lot of unique details on the hats.
You can see more descriptions on my store.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Featured on

When I found my" Snow cap" hat on, I was screamed!
The hat is for a contest "Design for Stephen Jones" and it has been shortlisted by Stephen Jones and Dolly Jones.(see last post)
Again thank you very much for Mr. and Mrs. Jones, and thank you so much for all people support my work.
You can see the article here