Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas around

My birthday is in December.
The day was fun, started from a cup cake, gin & tonics and pin ball, art draw.. Thanks for friends.

I don't have a christmas tree.
Instead of it, I bought a bouquet to enjoy the smell of pine tree.

My roommate made Potal(video game)themed gingerbread house.
The house wasn't succeed to finish but every day I was looking forward to see 
what she was building up her ideas to get to be real.

Me and my friend made Jamaican style Christmas dinner.
My friend made plantain fries and rice, bean sauce, I made jerk chicken and garden salad.
We watched Russell Peters video, very Christmassy?

Friday, December 21, 2012


A busy time of the year -
This post is for my customers and of course my blog readers.
Thank you very much for my customers, coming back to my store or at my craft fair booth.

Since last year, I have shifted my direction of life eventually.

I am involving into more art hats than creating ready to wear hats line, because I feel enjoyable to make art hats or one of a kind hats.
I will continue to make ready to wear hats as well, with focussing on "one of a kind".
I won't make new "line" at this moment.
I keep doing some of my basic lines.
Still you are welcome, please feel free to ask me custom made requests, I am happy to make them as much as I can.

In the other hand, I love cooking, which is important for my life same as hat making.
Now I'm studying cooking much more than before, that excites me everyday.

Happy holidays everyone, new hats will be updated soon on etsy.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Favorite time

Since I started to live current place, I have a favorite time at home.
Someone upstairs is playing an old piano sometimes, I like to listen the sound while I am working on my hats.
The piano is slight out of the key, that sounds lovely too.
Now she is playing Christmas songs..a good moment.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Deck the hall show

I was selling my hats at deck the hall show at Heritage hall - it's a long running show and I've joined this show almost every year since I came to Vancouver.

My booth.

A customer with my item. Thank you for stopping by!

@Marge+Pipa. Cool booth setting.

Cat bears @ Printed peanut. 

Minimal + cool Jewellery @ Lisa Fletcher Jewelry.She's from Tofino!

Unique Asian inspired soaps @ Beauty secrets of Japan

My no1 favourite booth was.. Jazziewear! Jazzie the grandma, makes fun hats!(on the right, with her daughter.)
When I looked at the booth, I could see that she enjoys her work a lot.

Oh well.. I joined the show only today, they are going to run tomorrow too.
Happy christmas shopping!

My next show will be on 16th Dec on Sunday at Waldorf Hotel Vancouver,
 I will write it about next time.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Movie night

I watched Seven psychopaths last night,
I liked the movie a lot, stylish cinematography with (violently) funny story. 

When I was on my way to home, I remind an episode in my real life.
The other day, I found a joker trump card on the ground and after that, the day turned into bad day!
My friend said it might be left by someone who is in the movie.I am the psychopaths 8 ?! (joking)

By the way, I adored an bule eyed rabbit in the movie..

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A story at a cafe

I like cafes with interesting story.
I went Acme cafe for my break, I had a piece of lemon melange pie.
While I was eating it, one of a staff started to slice a meat with a slicer, after a while, 
the owner started to talk about the story of their classical meat slicer to the staffs.
It was green coloured beautiful antique slicer.
According to their talking, it is from the owner's family, 
usually those antique slicers are coloured in red, the green one is very rare.
I enjoyed to hear the story and of course enjoyed the delicious pie, 
deserved nice moment at the cafe.

Their pies are always awesome..

Here's antique slicers images that I found.. but not the one they have. 
It was so hard to find exactly as they talked.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Island report day 2

Wood stove.

Our night work.Peel the garlics for next year.

Mami and Francois.They're wonderful couple.

A creek.

At a farm. Magical Halloween pumpkins.

Checken and baby turkey.They're friends.

The duck said hi to me.
(Sadly, he raised as for meat..poor guy, but must tastes good?!)

Hazel nuts

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Island report 1

Day 1-2, random photos.

Anti Vanpire at my bedroom. Joking. They're from my friend's back yard. 

2nd day morning was black out..

Home made yogurt.

My friends Mami and Francois, they made awesome meals.