Monday, June 25, 2012

Smell of grasses

Went bike ride again today with crafty customized bike.

I like smell of grasses right after mowed.

..arrived sea wall, 

Found "renge" flowers(Chinese milk vetch) in the middle way of the riding.
When I was a child, I like to go to rice fields to pick these flowers.
The rice fields have been rested until spring time, 
farmers put this plant for killing weeds without herbicide.
The flower I used to pick that had smell like appley - sweet smell, 
I found it here was no smell.

I reminded my childhood for a second and back to the riding.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Beautiful evening in Vancouver

It was great sunny day in Vancouver today.

Greek festival

Down town, I went there to look at the ocean.

Found a sun dog, but couldn't catch the colours on the photo.. 

An old building, is that only one wall left??

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goodbye Lenin!

It was a rainy night today in Vancouver - I watched Good bye Lenin!
I believe most of "change" makes people better  - even it is hard to overcome the transition.

I liked cool collage look introduction and the story that people's usual life through dramatically change of the city where they lived in.
- the speech that the main character made it for the video at near the end was also inspiring.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My nishiki bike

It was not rain, not too sunny = warm and nice weather for biking.
I took out my bike from the storage - I didn't ride it since last fall.
The bike wasn't confortable enough, I thought needed to customize some parts.
I should check it out the parts at bike shops when I have a chance.

When I was heading to my home, I found a tiny library on the street.

..and said hi to the cat.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chinatown, south

Walked around Chinatown Vancouver.
I heard the building used to be a restaurant where Jimi's Grandma was cooking.
He played there, also Motown musicians visited and ate there after their shows.

And keep walk to east,
discovered a new store.

Minimum, cool display.

I liked their fitting room as well.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sunny Saturday

My friends moved to new place recently and I visited them today.
Their apartment is awesome, 
skylights on the hallway ceiling, big window in the room,
also one corner of the ground floor was a mini gallery. 
Their neighborhoods are nice, family friendly area -
They have a son and looked like he loves his new home and the neighborhoods.

We went Le marche at the corner of st George.
It is a french style cafe in a heritage house, 
While we were walking on the street, almost everybody came from the cafe.

Their bees boxes.

Their chickens - I heard they had some eggs in this morning.

The store was so busy, still they were very friendly and nice!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Frasor + Kingsway area

I was walking around Frasor + Kingsway (Vancouver) area.
The area has been changed in few years -
I think after the French bistro Le faux bourgeois opened in that area, 
different type of people started to visit there.
Now there're cute little stores and coffee shops next each other, the corner looks different. 

Vinna baguette @ Bale (they're long running Vietnamese sub store)

I visited Collage Collage.
Crafty cute stationary and toys, lovery line ups.

Pierott le fou

Godard films are always eccentric and stylish - I like his cinematography, specially approaching of red and blue colour, also can't help keeping an eye on cool clothing.

"Pierrot le fou" - The story about a French guy escaped his life in French society and got out from Paris to Mediterranean sea with a girlfriend who chased by a hit men.
A story of "crazy + calm + charming"

Nice glasses.

I had a dress exact like her, when I was 20 yrs.
Cover scene. Cool suits.
I liked her flats too.