Friday, February 1, 2008

Chance to study..

Recently I am studying English harder than before.
Because even I 've been living here for a few years, still my English is like a "broken"English.
I've never had ESL classes, I learned all of my words by talking and magazines, web sites, books.
Since I came to Canada, I just thought "I have to study English", I didn't think this is a chance to learn English through living in this place.My boyfriend is Canadian but he can speak Japanese well so I often lean on his Japanese.

After I realized that and I am making effort to study words and pronunciation and more things about English.
I started writing blogs often, trying to post some forum threads, reading magazines, talk to people with English as well as I can.
Specially I am bad at posting forums.
I always upset after posting on those forum threads.There were wrong words, spelling misses..etc.
Seems still I can't controlling words quickly.
I need more training..

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