Friday, December 21, 2012


A busy time of the year -
This post is for my customers and of course my blog readers.
Thank you very much for my customers, coming back to my store or at my craft fair booth.

Since last year, I have shifted my direction of life eventually.

I am involving into more art hats than creating ready to wear hats line, because I feel enjoyable to make art hats or one of a kind hats.
I will continue to make ready to wear hats as well, with focussing on "one of a kind".
I won't make new "line" at this moment.
I keep doing some of my basic lines.
Still you are welcome, please feel free to ask me custom made requests, I am happy to make them as much as I can.

In the other hand, I love cooking, which is important for my life same as hat making.
Now I'm studying cooking much more than before, that excites me everyday.

Happy holidays everyone, new hats will be updated soon on etsy.

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