Saturday, November 3, 2012

A story at a cafe

I like cafes with interesting story.
I went Acme cafe for my break, I had a piece of lemon melange pie.
While I was eating it, one of a staff started to slice a meat with a slicer, after a while, 
the owner started to talk about the story of their classical meat slicer to the staffs.
It was green coloured beautiful antique slicer.
According to their talking, it is from the owner's family, 
usually those antique slicers are coloured in red, the green one is very rare.
I enjoyed to hear the story and of course enjoyed the delicious pie, 
deserved nice moment at the cafe.

Their pies are always awesome..

Here's antique slicers images that I found.. but not the one they have. 
It was so hard to find exactly as they talked.

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