Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I love this calender

I ordered an etsy calender by etsylabs and got it yesterday!
It is very fun to look at, very cute calender.
There are some marks for etsy staffs and superstar's birthdays too.
Thanks guys!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


People with my hat - only at some craft fairs, I've seen several people with my hat whose the last time they bought them from me.
They said they love it and are always wearing...I was very glad to hear about it, but I couldn't have any chances to see those people just in town (without craft fair) even I've been selling my hats at stores or craft shows for a few years in this town.

Finally I saw a person was wearing my hat today!
I was excited and it was my first time since I came here to see a person with my hat in coincidentally.
I talked to the person and she was surprised about it.
She said she loves the hat. I was very grad to hear about it.
Those happy surprises make me want to create lovely products.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Lovery communication

I like to take conversation with buyers or people interested in my products.
Not only just fun to communicate, I can learn a lot of things what do they need.
I got those conversations through computer but they are personal , heart full.
Well thank you for all!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

One of things I love

One of things I love is "ugly + humor".

I love stray cats, strange wild animals, evils in the fairy tares..

Even people say "eek", still I love them.

They are just being themselves, but they have a little bit of scary taste and humor.

Yesterday I made a Humpty Dumpty inspired doll.

It is inspired by my memories - I was in a middle high school, I listened a tape in an English lesson which was a tale of Alice in the wonder land.

I was very impressed the voice for Humpty Dumpty.

It was croaky voice, it caught a good point of Humpty Dumpty and at the same time sound funny. I started to like the character.

That is my memory of Humpty Dumpty.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Inspirations are free for everyone

I watched a video a musician was talking.
He said " The Ideas which inspired by somebody that give birth to new musics.." something like that -

That fact(create the music with some pieces of inspiration from someone made) can be telling as same thing for every "creations".

Writing, Designing, Music, Art, crafts .. those things are changing into new ones with "inspirations from things someone made".

I think without that inspiration, no fun for creations.No fashion industrial, no new musics...probably you can tell my products as inspired by somebody's Idea, do you know who made crochet hooks with yarn and start making products the first?Who create the first music?

I am making original design, am checking fashion issues sometimes but almost always am getting my designing ideas from different fields, who are natures, music, art, everyday life, etc...I am not big fun of always checking other people's work in a same field. Because my brain will be inspired by their designs even I didn't expected!

Well this is just my way of designing..

Monday, January 21, 2008

Araki - London Paris

I looked at Araki (Nobuyoshi Araki)'s photo book today.

I always wonder why so many girls got in bed in front of his camera(= sleep with him?).
Because of he is sexy? Or his pictures are sexy? Or he chooses easy - girls??
I guess they met him just in a coincidence. He treat them something special with his words(to take good shots).
Well they are part of his world of fantasy, I like his photos including those mysterious facts behind the pictures.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Easy cheese cake

I made a cheese cake the other day.
I just made it quickly, without recipe.
The ingredients are cream cheese, lime juice, honey, cream, sugar for the cheese parts,
digestive biscuits  and butter for the crust.
It was easy and so good!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My boyfriend's show will be on tonight

My boyfriend is making music http://www.myspace.com/youngmonday
Recently he is into "80s DISCO" sounds.
Well his 1st show will be on tonight at a club in downtown- I am still sick, such a bad timing to have a cold..! (But I will go to see)

Betz White's blog introduced my hat.. thank you very much for Bets White!

Monday, January 7, 2008

licorice and throat

This is a subject about my cold from last week.. this cold is really tuff. I'm still feelin' sick.

By the way I hated licorish before. I could eat them only weak flavours of licorish who are caramel flavoured licorish etc.

Then I visited to Copenhagen, I saw various kind of flavoured licorish.

Specially impressed flavours are salt, ammonium, salvi(I'm not sure actually what is).

I bought some for surveniers. Japanese friends couldn't eat them, I think because of very taste different from sense of Japanese taste buds.

My boy friend(is a Canadian) could eat the salt and salvi, but he said "taste like a soap!"

Those are my recent memories of licorish.

Now I changed my mind and kind of start to like them.

Yesterday I read some of issues about "licorish are good for throat" on a website.

My throat was very soar, today I opened the box of the "salvi licorish" again.

Well.. I think licorish is very good for throat probrems.

My throat is feeling better right now.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

After busy, busy week

The end of week of 2007 was party week for me.

I love working but I couldn't complete the start.
Because as soon as the party week was over, I've got sick. Probably the sick from the week just I didn't realize.

This cold(or flu?) was terrible and I couldn't get out from my bet for two days and my throat gets dry, coughing so much!

Now it getting better but still I have coughs.

Once my health condition was down, I realize how important healthy life style is.

So today I made tidy up our rooms, my work space and finished laundry.

Well it remind me a Japanese tradition called "oosouji" which is Big tidy up day in the end of year.

The end of year and new year day is special days for Japanese.

31st Dec is "closing a year"day, 1st January is like "opening a door for new year" day.

So they make their houses and rooms clean and tidy for ready to new year.

Well hope my cough will be getting better tomorrow..