Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Inspirations are free for everyone

I watched a video a musician was talking.
He said " The Ideas which inspired by somebody that give birth to new musics.." something like that -

That fact(create the music with some pieces of inspiration from someone made) can be telling as same thing for every "creations".

Writing, Designing, Music, Art, crafts .. those things are changing into new ones with "inspirations from things someone made".

I think without that inspiration, no fun for creations.No fashion industrial, no new musics...probably you can tell my products as inspired by somebody's Idea, do you know who made crochet hooks with yarn and start making products the first?Who create the first music?

I am making original design, am checking fashion issues sometimes but almost always am getting my designing ideas from different fields, who are natures, music, art, everyday life, etc...I am not big fun of always checking other people's work in a same field. Because my brain will be inspired by their designs even I didn't expected!

Well this is just my way of designing..

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