Monday, January 7, 2008

licorice and throat

This is a subject about my cold from last week.. this cold is really tuff. I'm still feelin' sick.

By the way I hated licorish before. I could eat them only weak flavours of licorish who are caramel flavoured licorish etc.

Then I visited to Copenhagen, I saw various kind of flavoured licorish.

Specially impressed flavours are salt, ammonium, salvi(I'm not sure actually what is).

I bought some for surveniers. Japanese friends couldn't eat them, I think because of very taste different from sense of Japanese taste buds.

My boy friend(is a Canadian) could eat the salt and salvi, but he said "taste like a soap!"

Those are my recent memories of licorish.

Now I changed my mind and kind of start to like them.

Yesterday I read some of issues about "licorish are good for throat" on a website.

My throat was very soar, today I opened the box of the "salvi licorish" again.

Well.. I think licorish is very good for throat probrems.

My throat is feeling better right now.

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