Monday, May 21, 2012

Seattle a day trip1

I was in Seattle for a day trip.
I decided this trip a week ago - I was bored with staying in one town and wanted to do something different.
I thought there might be similar to Vancouver, but it wasn't correct - the city was much bigger than I expected.

So..I arrived there in the evening and went a fancy bistro for my dinner.
It was a chef of a deli called "Delicatus" near my hotel's recommendation, (I tried to go there but they're almost closed and I asked their recommendation.They're so nice and foods looked great, I want to try the deli next time. )
The bistro is located on pike street, is on the alley way near the ocean.Cool atmosphere.

After the dinner,I felt like drink a glass of beer and went a pub.
The pub called"pioneer square saloon" I was interested in the sound of "saloon" and tried to get in.

I liked about the people in the pub-young to old, they 're all enjoying their time.
I talked with the owner couple, they keeps the store 18 years.
The meaning of "saloon" is like "pub" , in 1940s, blue colored people get together and drink at there.
Anyways, I talked with them until closing.
A night in Seattle.

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