Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seattle a day trip 2

It was a bad weather in the morning. 
Despite the rain, I stayed outside.
I was inspired by beautiful architectures in the city,
they're retro-futuristic.
I couldn't take many photos because of rain, 
next time when I visit there, I will definitely take a lot of photos. 

I was thinking to visit art galleries, unfortunately, 
it was on Monday then all galleries are closed.
I heard about the bus in downtown area is free,
then I tried to take metro bus.
The station was really cool look, like a Sci-Fi film set.

I wanted to check out a town called Ballard,  
and it was little away from the downtown, about 30 min by bus. 
When I saw the map, I felt like a bit far to go there, but it worth for taking time.
It's my favorite area now.

Nice brick buildings.

I was walking around, seemed like a lot of stores are closed on Mondays,
the town was quiet.
I saw many cool cafes and stores there, must be busy on weekends.

My favourite store, called Black Bird.
I found their clothing store at first,
and the staff introduced me their perfume store.
The stores are both awesome, specially the perfume store has an excellent selection.
I bought one, CB from NY, smoky tobacco.
It is sweet-smoky smell at first, 
the last note is amber(I guess...sorry if I was wrong!).

After satisfied with smelling and looking at beautiful perfumes,
I had a strawberry soda at miro tea.

That's all story of my one night trip to Seattle.
Want to check it out the Ballard area more! 


StephieB said...

Looks like a great place. I love the architecture. It is very futuristic indeed! Glad you had a great time. Hugs, Stephie x

Carol said...

Seeing Seattle through an artist eye is very inspiring. I am curious to see your point of view about Pike Place Market (where I work aka the overly commercial spot) though. Next time, maybe?