Sunday, June 22, 2008

A day trip to Montreal

I was back to Vancouver from trip to ottawa, as I wrote before.
Now I am drinking a tea with beautiful pantone mug I found at the trip.
This is my travel note from the trip.

Me and my boyfriend and his brother took a day trip to Montreal by car.
Montreal is a beautiful city, they have French inspired culture.
I was surprised at the city was very European than I thought, people are friendly even I can't speak French.
We didn't know well the city, at first we walked from a parking somewhere in down town and coincidentally found a pub my boyfriend's father worked at in 70's. Their father lived in Motreal long time before.

We reached rue sherbrooke.Looked like there is a business and department store district.
My boyfriend checked perfumes as usual he does (he is a big perfume fun).
After a while in the area, we took metro to Sant Lurent. I liked the color of metro.

Sant Lurent looked like a cool- hip town. There are vintage stores and indie desighner stores.
While walk around there and we went Patati Patata to get good poutine.
There is a cool - street inspired pub.

And then we walked and walked through the town, reach to rue Saint-Paul Ouest.
People called there, "old Montreal"

There are a lot of high-end restaurants and cafes in old beautiful buildings.
We found a cool boutique called reborn.

Their clothing are beautiful, accessories are very niche.

We wanted to look at more places but couldn't go because of we had just short time to stay.
Well probably we discover a lot for a day trip.


Fact & Fancy said...

Oh I just love Montreal! I was just there a few weekends ago. Beautiful city :D

tomokotahara said...
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tomokotahara said...

I like the city too..I want to go there again.