Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to West

I just got home from our trip -
I went Ottawa for a week.
East coast of Canada was very different. Lots of old European inspired buildings and pub culture in the city.
We went to national gallery, an exhibition "The 1930s the making of newman"
I was very happy I can look at Dali or Picaso's pieces close to the paintings.
The period was terrible, people were in confusion of the war. But I love those years of paintings - they have darkness, heavy, thick, craziness.

Well- let's talk abut foods there,
I eat a lot of carbohydrates - beavertail (fried pastry, I eat lemon and sugar taste), poutine(french fries with gravy sauce, cheese) ..
I ate a lot of foods - even I can't eat very much of greasy food, I forgot about it.
Not only those street foods, one day my boyfriend's parents took us to a fancy french restaurant in Quebec called "les fougeres"
The menus are of course great, also there are cute approaches, flowers on every dishes. Those flowers are fresh from their beautiful garden.

I went to other places too, I will write about it later if I had a chance.

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