Wednesday, March 5, 2008

new series

I was making items for new series in these days.
This is multi seasonal version of memory lane.

I was very consider about using materials for the design -
wool series have thick and fine texture, so I wanted to cotton series with similer texture as wool ones.
This series are made by super fine cotton.
Cotton yarns have too light texture compare to wool yarns - even I was using super fine grade cotton.
I was thinking, last I reached out these materials.
Using fine materials in luxury - fresh texture, but still remind the class.
*Memory Lane series are my signature Item since 2004.©Tomoko Tahara
more info;

Also I am building kids gift etsystore. It is still in the middle of building, comming soon.
Items in the store are dreamy, precious gifts for kids.


kalurah said...

I love that swan hat. I first saw it in your etsy shop. What a beautiful design! So original. :)

tomokotahara said...

Hi Kalurah,
thank you for your comment!
Your blogs are so unique..