Saturday, March 8, 2008

Japanese hot pot party

We had a girls meeting yesterday at a fancy tea room, they have attractive sweets.It was hard to choose my treat from them..
I forgot my camera so unfortunately here's no photos.You can see them a review by someone.

After the tea, I went to a home whose one of the friends in the meeting and had a hot pot.
My friend Mami and her husband Francois are very neat couple.
They love music, traveling, foods, movies.
I want to call them "intelligent-travelers"
He grows veggies at their back yard.He knows about veggies and plants very well.Also their veggies are organic, always taste so good.
Mami is always making good Japanese style foods - it remind me my home.
Anyways we had a good time with good food, music.
"sweetcream" featured my products on her blog - thank you very much!


bee said...

Thank you for coming!
I'm glad to hear you liked our hot pot:)
Let's get together soon!

tomokotahara said...

Thank you bee,
you guys foods are always good and heart full!