Thursday, November 22, 2007

A story of " Memory Lane"

Memory Lane-

Its a street name in Sidney Vancouver island, also my signature hats name.

When I just came to Canada which was 2004,
I started to make the style with materials currently I am using.

First I made the style with different materials in 1998.
It was when I joined a craft event made by my friends, I tryed to make a style no one made.

Mostly people remind for "crochet hats", are beenies or tams and kind of "hippie" or "granny" or "reggae, black music inspired" hat.
I wanted to get out that taste and make them more cute, mid century inspired.
Now I am making several design of the series but the fast one is very simply, just brown and navy and regular wool yarns.
Unfortunately I don't have the photo for the fast one but my friend still has it..

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