Monday, April 2, 2012

70's Sci-Fi Film

"Logan's run" is a 70's sci-fi film, story from same title of the novel.
According to IMDb, the story line is

"It's 2274 and on the surface, it all seems to be an idyllic society. Living in a city within an enclosed dome, there is little or no work for humans to perform and inhabitants are free to pursue all of the pleasures of life. There is one catch however: your life is limited and when you reach 30, it is terminated in a quasi-religious ceremony known as Carousel. Some, known as runners, do try to escape their fate when the time comes and it's the job of a Sandman to track them down and kill them..."

I enjoyed first half of the movie, and the last half was a little bit slow - I liked the end and the cinematography, crazy synth sounds.

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StephieB said...

I absolutely loved that movie and I was a huge fan of the TV series too! I can't believe that I used to think that 30 was old!

Happy Easter, Stephie x