Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Medina @ near chinatown

In these days I was crazily busy then I wanted to have a time for "refresh"-
So last Sunday, I went a cafe "Medina" for brunch.

I heard their belgium waffles are good but I was too hungry then I ordered an omelette. 
Goat cheese and herbs, smelled excellent. 

My friend had a meat ball dish. It looked yummy.
We walked around Chinatown and Gastown a bit then I found my favourite coat.
I have been looking for a perfect coat for a long time then I decided to have it next month(I can't have it now, sadly..)!

Well, my mini hat show will open tomorrow, I have to prepare for it now.

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StephieB said...

Good luck with the show! Stephie x