Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stephen Jones hat contest

As last time I posted, I took my hat to a competition "Design for Stephen Jones".
Today my work has been commended,shortlisted by mr. Stephen Jones and Mrs Dolly Jones(British vogue.com) .
When I saw my name on their list, I almost cried by happyness and joy.
Thank you so much for Mr. and Mrs Jones for the commendation, and thank you for people support my work.

The article is here,
You can see more article at talenthouse.

Mr.Jones is my most favourite designer, I was really impressed by his exhibition in Tokyo at 10 corso commo    in 2006 and I sometimes look at the poster to remind the exciting feeling at his exhibition. It was unusual hat world - ready to wear to houte couture, all are really fascinatingly beautiful.
So..Mr.Jones saw my hat and my name is on the shortlist,is one of my dreams came true!

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