Sunday, July 10, 2011

Trip to Whistler- Summer snow

 My boyfriend's parents took us to Whistler.

At a lodge we stayed, this is a glass of water, the white part is air, was disappeared after few minutes.

A cute bird, Whiskey Jack.

  We could see snow in close distance in July was amazing.

This is super long gondola, called "Peak to Peak" the view was extreme.

We' re lucky enough, we saw a bear family!
Bear cubs were wrestling and rolling around.

It was my first time to visit Whistler and I was really impressed by the greatness of BC, the nature and mountain views..Vancouver is such a beautiful place, city and great natures close together.


Hee103 said...

Such a nice city!!
I've been to BC before, I loved it!!!

I hope I can visit Vancouver and Victoria Island again:)


StephieB said...

Looks beautiful! I hope you had fun. I have only seen bears in a zoo! Hugs, Stephie x