Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Craft market tour

This month is local craft market tour month.
I'll do lots of markets,
last week I was at "Fab fair"on Main street Vancouver,
it is 7year's running show.The vendors were fantastic!

This coming weekend(11,12 June),
I'll be at"Robson Square artisan market".
This is my first time to join in them, they will continue through the summer until September.
It locates in the heart of Down Town,
not only for local shoppers, it will be a great tourist spot,  people can find special souvenirs made by local artists.
They also have performers and musicians.

On Sunday 19th,
I'll be Fort Langley in Vancouver.
It called Bloom market.
This is my first time to participate this show ether, their "designer spotlight" article on their website is fun to look at.

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