Friday, April 22, 2011


I didn't blog for a while..I was busy for work and pretty much staying at home everyday, didn't have inspiration for writing. Today I had a chance to get out from work, and walked around the town.

This is out of subject from today's walk but I felt like to write.
My boyfriend likes perfumes,  he has a good nose(?).  When we take a walk, me and he like to smell flowers from somebody's garden. The other day, we found currant flowers during the walk.Surprisingly, they smell like "wine gum(black coloured one)"!
We like the smell and every time when we pass by the tree, we take a smell of the flowers.
The other day, I found currant flowers at a flower shop, of cause I bought it.
Now the flower's smell is a bit faded but still they smell like "wine gum".

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