Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Through away your book" changed..

Once a week, I'm trying to do not look at my computer whole day, the day I call "Forget about the Internet, go out into the streets"day.
I often stack in front of computer, internet is interesting and handy, an irresistible world, but am trying to leave from it as well as I can. It is difficult to me, even only once a week.

The day's title(?) is inspired by a book called "Through away your books, rally on the streets" by Shuji Terayama.
The book was written in 60's, about his thought for young men's lifestyle.
I guess it is in the other words, " Learn about things not only from reading your books, also you should see different world, find out your own way"
He made a movie with same title in 70's, it is slightly different from the book, is artistic, thought of punkish film.

Anyways, today was supposed to be "no online day", but I woke up late and outside is rain as Vancouver's winter weather, still am stacking on the computer..

#The images from the movie

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