Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mr.David's magic cards

This chcken stock soup was my hangover cure@Stock Market (granville island).

The other day, I went to help my friend's booth at Granville island, Public market.
Public market is Vancouver's famous sightseeing place.
There's artist's booths, fun to look at.
I always adore his magical cards,
David is one of an artist of the market.
His cards are original design, I wonder how can he create the beautiful patterns.

I heard he was inspired by a Japanese book and started to make own.
My brother had same book when he studied architecture in university.
Then I was in a middle school and interested in his book.
I remember one day I took over the book and tried to make a card, it was really complicated and I couldn't finished it.
Anyways, it is interesting and inspired to talk with artists at the market.

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