Friday, March 5, 2010

Madras check dress

Madras check dress remind me "Classical American fashion" and "lemonade" .

I remember my mother made a beautiful madras check dress for herself. Then I was around 15 yrs old, was curious about other country's culture.The dress was like indicating "American summer style" to me, and asked her to try.
Unfortunately, it wasn't suit for me.It is kind of bitter memory, still I'm not like a "dress" type girl.I mostly wear pants.

Anyways, recently I watched 90's Japanese movie, a character in the movie worn a Madras check dress. It remind me the memory and dress.

So - I checked some nice classical Madras check dresses.

Very classical and chic.

Beautiful pastel.FromOldSoulVintageCo

Cute and pop.

Natural style.

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