Saturday, May 23, 2009

Walking down on the main street

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, I went to my favorite coffee shop to wait my friend.She is one of my best friend and will move to the other city.

Luckly I could grab the table with great view.
When I came to the cafe before, the table was always taken by the other customer.
I was sipping bitter coffee,I like to add milk for the cofee usually, but I was feeling like to have it without milk.
Anyways she came and we walked down on the street.
Recently I didn't check the street, we found some cool new stores.

In the evening we went to an Izakaya with her husband.
Zakkushi is popular Japanese izakaya, their foods are so cool and good.
We had some drink and talked a lot -
I am sure I can meet them again sooner or later, but I felt missing them when I make a hug and said cheers.

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