Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas house

I made a ginger bread house, it is second experience for me.
The first was in my childhood. I was in Japan, probably around 10 years old, very fascinated about christmas tradition. I knew about it by the magazine my mother bought always.
I tried to make it and it was succeed as I remember -  I'm not sure it was very beautiful or not.
Anyways this is the second time to make it.

I don't know about it was well done - but I made it with heart!
Happy holidays,
I will be out of town untill 29th, ll report about halifax during the trip.


indy said...

Well... it must be delicious, for sure!

tomokotahara said...

I couldn't taste the actual house because I gave it people - but the ginger bread were taste good.
By the way I like your favorite music.