Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Small, brown strange..

Do you know Cheburashka?
It is Russian cartoon, I knew about it in 90s.It is originally written  by Russian writer Eduard Uspensky in 60s.
I like the charactor and the sadness in the movie.
I made a bonnet with ears.
The ears are not as big as the charactor of the cartoon, kind of gentle ears.
The bonnet is maden with 100% fine wool,warm and cozy. 
I like to use the wool for this item rather than synthetic materials, of course it is warm, has long life, rich and chunky texture.

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Kim Mathewes said...

Hi Tomoko! It's Kim from Chick Pea. I love this hat design. How can i get in touch with you? I need your address and email. Kim