Monday, May 5, 2008

Finished the show

We just finished two-days Balinese music and dance shows in the weekend.
It was really fun.
I enjoyed the show even my condition wasn't very good from some reason.
I was dancing with fan, I dropped the fan by accident..!
I dropped it and grab it again, it was just three second, but I felt it was very long moment.
also I felt regret and sorry for everyone in the show after hours..
Well - now it became good memory of my dance experience.
Shows are fun, it is a dreamy moment like I can be a part of folk tale in Bali.
I should have more training for the next show.

*Thank you for shearing the photos,
Sudi& Kadek


Sweet Nichan (^o^) said...

Awww...amazing...congratulation on your show (^.^)...
I learned Balinese dance but never perform's part of my childhood activities...but I really love it...

tomokotahara said...

thanks for your comment, sweet nichan!